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New Season Church of Ventura
New Season Church of Ventura

Sunday Service at River Community Church
Sept 25 at 12 PM.
859 Santa Clara St. Ventura 93001

New Season Services are held each week, on Sunday at 12 PM at Barranca Vista Park (Near Dove St.)

To give our faithful park set-up crew a rest, we will be meeting at River Community on the 4th Sunday each month. We’ll have a special time for the kids and youth. Directions.

New Season Church of Ventura

Do you think we should pray?Join a Prayer Connect. 

Our families, friends, city, county, state and nation need our prayers. You’ll pray with your group once a week. They meet in different ways: FaceTime, Zoom and in person. Find a prayer connect and help make a difference!

New Season Church of Ventura

One-Year Bible Plan

You can start reading through the
plan any time.
Download Plan

New Season Church of Ventura

Outside the Walls

We love serving our community with outreach to kids, homeless and more.
Join us!

New Season Church of Ventura

Kids Church

We’ve got you covered when you’re looking for fun Jesus-filled activities for the kids!

If you would like to receive New Season’s weekly devotionals by email, please contact us.

Warning: God is Trying to Reach You

God Trys to Warn Us

A glimpse is a moment in time when there are signs of what is coming. Usually, these glimpses come through the Holy Spirit or through

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New Season Church of Ventura

Receive What God is Giving

In 1880 Adoniram Judson Gordon wrote in his book, “The Believer’s Union with His Lord”: “‘For by one Spirit we were all baptized into one

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